Enterprise 2.0 : New! How I [did something Incredible]


HOLA! Hello everyone. My name is Wasa and welcome to my blog. Firstly I would ask myself, what is Blog? Why did I take this Unit? To be honest, I didn’t know what blogging was until I went through the Unit details of Enterprise 2.0 and reviewed in detail. The reason for choosing this unit is that, I like challenges, hope it is interesting reading other blogs and will improve in my writing skills.

The world has shrunk since the internet has become more accessible. You can keep everyone updating with what’s happening around and sharing pictures and tagging them. However, Blog are easy to create and can be a one stop place by sharing your ideas and thoughts to everyone across the globe, not having to email individually. Sharing blogs make you feel relaxed at times by letting others know and replying to blogs. There are heaps of ways to attract friends to the blog, by adding interesting topics which will encourage readers to act together. Furthermore, I will use my blog in the following weeks to fellow readers, to read and light up my thoughts.

Purpose of Blog

One of the biggest challenges of writing a blog is to get target audience and to become the expert in your area of experience. I would reach my target audience by allowing them to read my blog and share their opinion. On the other hand to become an expert, I have to passion about my topic and my readers give me a creative outlet.

Ways to obtain Readership

I consider writing skills, commenting on other blogs by sharing your point of view and liking it, are the key factors to obtain readership. Likewise for this to happen, I need to be active and do the same on their blogs.

Blog that keeps me up!


UK’s top 10 blog

It is a useful blog for fitness and keeps me diet stable. Fitness is always what I liked since I was young. I visit this blog everyday to keep my routine running and I ask questions related to my fitness. I would recommend all my fellow readers to follow this blog to stay healthy J x

Goodbye adios

Thank you all for reading my first blog. Hope everyone liked my blog and feel free to share your opinion. Thank you!

Regards Wasa



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